Canine Psychology Training- 2 Hour Session



Our Intro to Canine Psychology Sessions help deal with specific issues you are having with your dog; getting to the root of the problem is key to developing an effective plan and techniques to ensure a solution with positive results. Price includes assessment of the canine which is not part of the 2 hour session. Sessions generally last 3 hours total

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One-On-One Dog Behavior Training focuses on addressing every dog’s individual needs without using a “cookie cutter” approach. As the environment of every dog’s life is different, so to is every dog’s learning experiences and behavioral issues

Utilizing a strong foundation in Canine Psychology we believe that Positive Re-Inforcement, Structure and Love are the key elements to bringing up a well balanced pet in the family home. We are NOT a Positive ONLY Trainer and will never strike your dog

We work with everything from general obedience to serious behaviour issues like Aggressiveness, Resource Guarding and Reactive Dogs

The facility is on 102 Acres with a lake, ponds, creeks and waterfalls, trails and bush. We also train dogs in a variety of other environments to expose them properly to every possible scenario they may encounter in life

We have experience working with all breeds of dog’s with an array of behavioral issues..From Taming Serious Aggression to Socializing with Other Dogs and Animals to Performing Cool Tricks – we can help you to have the companion you’ve always wanted…EVEN WHEN OTHER TRAINERS HAVE FAILED!!! they send them to us 🙂

We HiGHLY recommend you enroll your puppy in our Basic Obedience and Agility Program BEFORE you have issues with your pup. The ideal time to start training your dog is around the age of 12 weeks and they must already be house trained. Sessions are jam packed with knowledge so recording them for review is welcomed

Located in Barry’s Bay, Peterborough, Durham Region and the GTA

Now Accepting Dogs from International Clients

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***Owners who decide to purchase our Basic Obedience Package after their Psychology Session will receive a $250.00 Rebate***


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